How to survive college with celiac disease

Celiacs at College

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Hi, I'm Stephanie and I just graduated from Ithaca College in New York. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in my junior year of high school (blood panel then biopsy confirmed) and I've done my best since my diagnosis to maintain a completely gluten free diet. When my parents & I started researching potential colleges, college support (or lack thereof) for kids with dietary restrictions was an important consideration in our decision-making. Plus - what colleges say they can do and what they really can do, is sometimes different - no surprise given the thousands, or even tens of thousands, being fed each day. So I decided to share what we learned during our deliberations, and what I learned during my first year, so that you'll be better prepared and will have a faster and easier time acclimating to eating while living in the dorms. I also wanted to describe my experiences eating abroad so that other students would know which countries were safer to travel in than others.