How to survive college with celiac disease

Celiacs at College

New Happenings

Ithaca College has added a gluten-free pantry to one of our dining halls! The president of the Student Association is apparently a celiac and made sure that our college would be more accomodating. Just goes to show that you can make your college change. And to any college-searching high schoolers, keep in mind that Ithaca College now features a separate toaster, microwave, toaster-oven, and freezer for gluten-free food. :) We also have a new system of packaged lunch and dinner gluten-free options at the main dining hall. There's a definite move towards accommodating students with food allergies not only at this college but everywhere. 


Also, I have found some new gluten-free baked goods at Voila gluten-free bakery in Oakville, Canada. Their bread can actually be eaten as bread without being toasted, and they have some delicious pastries and pasta dishes. Here's their website: